Feb 03

Leah’s Sic Groove

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For Christmas Anna got the U-Create Music machine by Matel. This funky little gadget lets you create your own mixes with a microphone and different sound clips that you can mix together in a variety of ways. They have absolutely had a blast with this thing. Anyway, Leah (age 3) got a hold of it and created this song: Leah’s Sic Groove

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Nov 12

I have been watching this show called “The Next Great American Band”. It’s like Idol for bands. Anyway, they are down to the top 8 bands and 3-4 of them are really really good. Chuck, be sure to listen to the Mugs. There is such a good distribution of genre’s I can’t help but feel set up. Here are some of my favorites – most of the clips below have a cover and an original, the originals are really good:

This is the Clark Brothers. I love the folk. I think they may win the competition or SixWire. Really nice original, really.

This is Sixwire – I don’t really even like country but the second song (their original) on this is a pop hit. No doubt. The harmonies are amazing. They have been able to do that on every song every episode. Stunning really. I wish I could sing. That original will be the next theme on Monday Night Football almost guaranteed.

This is Franklin Bridge – out of Philly. They are AMAZING.

This is Denver and The Mile High Orchestra

This is Tre Bien – sixties rock revisited. They probably won’t last long in the competition.

This is Light of Doom – ok, I had no idea kids this age could rock so. Iron Maiden would be proud. I don’t think they will make it much longer but seriously, 13 years old. Crazy.

And The Mugs – sadly they have been removed. Chuck this band was for you. The dude rocks on guitar and is totally awesome but they really need a real singer. Kind of reminds me of Rush – Working Man. Gritty Detroit rock, I love the sound (except for the vocals).

This is Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 – I don’t know why but I really like this band and I hate country.

Oct 26

I was driving back from Ventura to LAX this week and while listening to KROQ they mentioned that Vanity Fair had released their list of the “Top 10 Movie Soundtracks of All Time“. They are as follows:

10 The Big Chill
09 American Graffiti
08 Saturday Night Fever
07 Trainspotting
06 Superfly
05 The Graduate
04 Pulp Fiction
03 The Harder They Come
02 A Hard Day’s Night
01 Purple Rain

As I listened to this list I cound not help but think they were missing several albums I think are critical to having a good Top 10. How about this alternative?

01 The Wall
02 A hard Day’s Night
03 O’ Brother Where Art Thou
04 Pulp Fiction
05 Grease
06 Saturday Night Fever
07 The Big Chill
08 American Graffiti
09 Grosse Pointe Blank
10 Purple Rain

Honorable Mention: This is Spinal Tap, Tenacious D (yea, I know this wasn’t really a movie but it should have been), Little Shop of Horrors and Rocky Horror Picture Show. And lets not forget the beautiful and noteworthy use of Wagner and the Doors in Apocalypse Now.

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Aug 10

Flight of the Conchords – The Humans Are Dead

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I had to share this, be sure to watch it to the end for the binary solo. Toooooo funny. They have an HBO series.

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