Apr 26

The Greatest Ad Campaign Campaign

By David Scifres Advertising, Video Comments Off on The Greatest Ad Campaign Campaign

You must watch this to the end to get the point.

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Nov 02

FeedburnerFeedburner just announced the ability to integrate Google AdSense into your Feedburner blog emails, RSS, etc . . . you just login and go to the “monitize” tab.

Chad can you test this out with our blog and make sure we know how to do it. We definitely need this on the rv.net bog.

Sep 05

PEW Internet Logo

This is a very interesting study PEW just released on Internet Video viewing.

“Online video now reaches a mainstream audience; 57% of online adults have used the internet to watch or download video, and 19% do so on a typical day. The growing adoption of broadband combined with a dramatic push by content providers to promote online video has helped to pave the way for mainstream audiences to embrace online video viewing. The majority of adult internet users in the U.S. (57%) reportwatching or downloading some type of online video content and 19% do so on a typical day.”

View the Report

Aug 23

Citizen ads are new to me. Stacey mentioned them to me so I searched and found this business week article about them she had mentioned. Seems this latest fad exploits the idea of having your product/community zealots produce your advertising. Interesting, I wonder if this will really take off? Is it a really something people should consider or not. Any opinions?

Aug 20


I noticed that TechCrunch was using this, should we add it? They have a write up on AddThis you may want to review as well. If we want to add the AddThis widget to our site, the customization tool is here. We can try it out here and see if we think it will be something to add to the RV.Net Blog.

Benefits of AddThis Widget are:

  • Easy Bookmarking – Makes it very easy for your visitors to bookmark your website or blog, and subscribe to your feeds (support most bookmarking and feed reader services)
  • Social Traffic – Helps your visitors promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking services, which will bring back more traffïc to your website or blog.
  • Less Clutter – Saves real-estate and reduces confusion on your website. You just put one button; we worry about all the other buttons for you.
  • Statistics – Provides valuable statistics showing what content your visitors bookmark the most on your website or blog, over various time periods (and more soon)
  • Free – All this is completely free, and will remain free.
Aug 20

Jose sent a link to Pick-n-Click Ads in to me. It is a great example of a company attempting to take advantage of the long tail of advertising. This site appears to allow you to pick and click to create your own ads in the following media:

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Direct Mail
  • Online
  • Collateral

Stacey at Ehlert would like to explore creating something like this online for marketplace ads in their publications.

What if people could fill out, choose a couple of creative layout options, pick which of our magazines they want to run in, put in a credit card and get an ad placed. And the ad uploads to the appropriate magazine ftp site, the production coordinate grabs the ad and it runs. They could have the option of running the ad in print and online. Since Boating Industry and Powerboat seem to be the two mags with the most marketplace ads it would be great if we could test something with those two sites in particular.

Any ideas how we could pull something like this off?

Aug 16

Chuck, Stacey and I meet with Fullscreen Publications a couple days ago. This is the second time I have reviewed their product offering. The biggest difference between what they had 2 years ago and now is:

  • Increased control over the display and layout via a web based wysiwyg editor
  • They now have an app you can buy for your own servers vs. a hosted solution

Their product is absolutely amazing. It would be perfect for a magazine, event, Tour business or even a product like CSP. Go to the site and click portfolio and the watch. Hot.

Aug 15

Snap Shot

I thought this tool looked very cool and compelling. They have many kinds of snapsohots you can add to your site. Click here and scroll down to see all the options. The configuration tool is here.

Can we add this to our our blog, article server and user contributed content server at AGI? What about the directory sites, etc . . . . What do you guys think? How can we use this? Can we integrate it with the Forums?


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